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MY EQUIPMENT – Honor Body Pilates



Have you been puzzled when you hear these phrases in relation to a Pilates conversation…”I worked on the Cadillac today and my abs are so sore.” “Yikes my reformer session today made my glutes scream!” or “I worked on the Core-Align and feel tall and elongated!” What is all this crazy talk! Wondering what the heck a Reformer or a Cadillac is, look no further and read on here!


The Pilates Reformer was designed by Joseph Pilates and is a central piece of equipment in a Pilates studio. It is designed to offer increased movement challenges with an added resistance utilizing springs attached to a moving carriage that you can lay, stand, or sit upon. Your body weight is also a key component to the reformers resistance levels. An amazingly elegant machine. The reformer provides finely tuned exercises that allow you to work very precisely and develop good alignment, core strength, and flexibility.


The Pilates Cadillac or Trapeze Table is the most comprehensive piece of Pilates equipment again designed by Joseph Pilates. This can be utilized for rehabilitation purposes, general strengthening, and for advanced acrobatics. It is a long strong padded base table that supports overhead trapeze bars. It has a large variety of exercise options to develop and challenge a full body movement series from. For rehabilitation, the exercises performed on the Trapeze Table can incorporate light spring assisted movements to begin the recovery process and utilize varying spring lengths which allow for a progression of advancement levels from beginner to an advanced user.


The Wunda Chair is a chair with a movable spring loaded resistant pedal and adjustable attached tall handles. A few varieties exist with an additional tall back plate to assist with spinal and pelvis alignment. Joseph Pilates designed this piece of equipment to be utilized in your home. It improves posture through pelvic and scapular stabilization exercises and works spinal flexion, extension, and side bending through the many different stretching and strengthening positions.


The Ladder Barrel is a barrel-shaped exercise piece developed by Joseph Pilates and designed to isolate the muscles that people use to maintain good spinal posture. The Pilates ladder barrel has rungs, similar to those of a ladder, and a curved surface. The barrel portion of the apparatus sits about 3 feet (.9 m) above the floor. The ladder is typically the same height. The ladder and the barrel are usually connected via a base that is adjustable, allowing people to have the barrel fit the size of their bodies. The barrel surface of the Pilates ladder barrel is used to stretch the body and perform exercises that help users increase their flexibility, stability, and strength.


The CoreAlign was created to enable natural, flowing full-body exercises with independent limb training. Developed by physical therapist Jonathan Hoffman, CoreAlign exercises facilitate musculoskeletal rehabilitation by stimulating core stability muscles to fire in perfect timing while performing challenging exercises, very deep stretches and core-controlled aerobic training. It integrates posture, strength, flexibility, balance and control in mostly standing positions. The CoreAlign is a wooden frame that encloses two tracks and carts, which move independently with smooth resistance (or assistance) created by six elastic resistance bands. A ladder is at the front of the frame and is utilized in many exercises. I loosely describe this piece of equipment as an upright standing reformer. Working on the CoreAlign, you unlearn old habits and reestablish healthy movement patterns deep in your body.


Red Cord an anti-gravity suspension exercise system utilized in physical therapy, fitness and performance training. Redcord teaches you how to train smarter, not harder. It incorporates key stabilization exercises into your training program. These exercises demand high neuromuscular effort, but without the need for high mechanical load, to help you build exceptional core stability and muscle control. Perform precise movement patterns in unsteady ropes is the foundation of suspension exercise. By leveraging your own body weight as the resistance, you can do hundreds of movements (bridge, plank, squat, pull up, etc.) from just one single device. Each exercise demands total body awareness and accurate muscle control to help you build a lasting core foundation and a stable body in less time than conventional training methods. Suspension creates fun and challenging exercises for physical rehabilitation and sports performance enhancement.